Electronic-Collaborative Aeronautical Information System (E-CAIS)

Air operations can be extremely hazardous in remote and extreme aviation environments, such as South Sudan, Nepal and other developing countries where there is only limited availability of up to date aeronautical information. In these cases sharing recent pilot-to-pilot information is essential to guard the safety of air transport.



“An online collaborative aeronautical information- sharing platform enhances aviation safety and productivity in extreme air operations environments”






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In remote areas where limited flight planning information exists such as charts, flight procedures, terrain, obstacle data and observed hazard reports, air operators and pilots individually store and communicate within the company the latest information in different formats.

E-CAIS’s aim is to share relevant aeronautical information and make it accessible to all operators, in a collaborative effort in places where info is barely available.

The inaccessibility of relevant aeronautical information as well as the lack of data accuracy has proven to negatively impact aviation safety.

Furthermore, sharing the latest aeronautical info with the full aviation community using a free informational pilot-to-pilot board can significantly improve data quality and ultimately enhance safety in dangerous aviation environments.

E-CAIS reduces aviation staff frustration and enhances air operations productivity. This by providing one single source of information, eliminating the need for individual fragile databases. It further reduces the need for expensive assessment flights when sufficient information is not available in the company. By creating a collaborative aviation community, efforts to access relevant aeronautical info held by individual companies are reduced.