Willem-Jozef Van Goethem


Being entrepreneurial, I constantly seek out new challenges to improve and optimize processes in both business and personal life. Seeing other people being happy by using my solutions gives me great joy and satisfaction. I have a strong passion for aviation sinceĀ  early age and I'm continuously seeking for new adventures in analytic fields within the aviation industry.

Willem-Jozef holds a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands with specialization in Design, Operation and Integration of Aircraft and Rotorcraft. Post graduation Willem-Jozef continued in advanced education in the field of optimizing aviation operations using the Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement approach. Most recently Willem-Jozef is engaged in a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification course.

Willem-Jozef is an aviation professional having experience in both commercial and humanitarian aviation. He worked on several airline operations research projects with Kenya Airways between 2012-2014 and more recently as independent consultant in 2016. Furthermore Willem-Jozef worked as Consultant Air Transport Officer for the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service in South Sudan and Nepal during two emergency response missions in relation to the South Sudanese civil war and the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Lastly, between 2010 and 2015, Willem-Jozef gained a solid background in database development and data mining with the company DataKees, of which he was the founding partner. In all his work, Willem-Jozef tries to find win-win solutions for all stakeholders both commercial and public.

His true passion for aviation began during his time in the Royal Belgian Air Cadets (2004-2009) where he obtained his flight wings at the age of 16 at the controls of a Grob Twin II. This moment marked the starting point for pursuing a future in aviation which led to his choice of studying aerospace engineering and obtaining his Private Pilot License in 2009. Ultimately passion turned into profession by building his career as independent aviation professional specialised in optimization of airline and airport operations.

Willem-Jozef Van Goethem
Aviation Professional - Independent Lean Six Sigma Consultant